adminmen October 17, 2017

Father – A Super Hero, Always a Guiding Light, Greatest gift to child, Who live and let the child watch him do it….. Indeed such all good words cannot really describe a father and his value in child’s life in black and white but can be felt only!

Save Family Foundation (SFF) & Men Welfare Trust (MWT) carrying out Father’s Day celebrations and awareness activity with Families of Delhi-NCR on the Fun Filled 17th June, Sunday afternoon at India Gate. The fun and celebrations start right at 4PM and would continue till 8PM with lots of gifts to all the children who make their father feel special that day by partipating in various activities fun loving activities that can make a day special for both father and child. Every Child gets a special gift from SFF, MWT for it while the Father gets his biggest gift, the picture that his child drew for him. Children would also participate in funny races for their fathers and also answer few witty questions about their fathers. Father’s on Sunday afternoon at India gate, would also see their princess and princesses doing some quick and small acts for them along with other fun games. SFF & MWT would ensure that every father feels special and that every child also feels special to have his/her father. The celebrations would happen at the picnic lawns of India Gate, near Rajpath. So, before anyone else, let’s thanks our Fathers for making us what we are today.

Happy Father’s Day.