About Menwelfare Trust

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About Menwelfare Trust

Men Welfare Trust (MWT), is a Delhi based Non Governmental Organization, which is integral part of Save Indian Family Movement (www.saveindianfamily.in).  MWT was registered in Delhi in the Year 2017 with clear focus to bring focused approach on Men’s Issues and Men’s Concerns.

It was 10th of March 2005, when abused Men of India joined hands and formed, Save Indian Family Movement. The movement started with a Yahoo Group named “saveindianfamily”. In a short duration of few years, the group added over 10,000 members and also had spread it’s reach with State wise groups and also groups of various countries. As the time passed, SIF evolved with the changing times and had to become more effective for it’s prime objective. SIF started breathing and living for Men and Families who were left battered, abused, depressed by the widespread Male hatred in the Society. The same hatred gave birth to many and continuously incoming Anti-Male laws and slowly SIF observed that India had converted into a Gender Based Crime Society. It was because of SIF that Men found solace and peace. SIF, trained, counseled Lakhs of Men across the globe and helped them cope against the Gender Biased Society and Laws. SIF’s prime focus came to highlight the Male Suicide in India which inspite of being as high as a Man committing suicide per Five Minutes, was a data that went unnoticed. SIF, as the flag bearer of Men, Family, Father, Parent, Child rights in the Indian Subcontinent, has represented to many Government Authorities and Committees to protect the Human Rights of most deprived entity, Men. SIF, now runs free Help groups, Weekly Support Meetings, Online Forums, Blogs, Volunteer Helplines, and over 50 NGOs across the globe and thus supports and SAVES INDIAN FAMILIES.

Men Welfare Trust, along with our brother NGO, Save Family Foundation (www.savefamily.in) spearheads the goals and vision for making India, a better place for Men, in Delhi NCR region.”