Father’s Day 16 June 2019

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Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of month of June each year cross the globe.

Men Welfare Trust (MWT) has been organizing various events on Father’s day to celebrate fatherhood and also to highlight the grievances of fathers who have been deprived of access to their own dear children because of the gender-biased laws leading to serious human rights violation and child abuse.

Campaigns are run to bring forth the plight of alienated fathers and the impact of the child alienation on the society and the future generations. Activities and books/ stationary distribution to children, gifts distribution to street children, visits to orphanage, public interactions etc. are carried out.

MWT celebrating Father’s Day – MWT is organizing an event this year to make Father’s Day memorable for both child and father. As part of event there would be games, fun activities and drawing competition along with chance to win amazing gifts.

Venue – India Gate Park, Delhi
starting Time: 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Date: 16-Jun-2019, Sunday

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