Weekly Meetings

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Men Welfare Trust along with Save Family Foundation, its allied NGO in Delhi, conducts a weekly support group meeting which is attended by Men and their family members who have been victimized by the misuse of gender biased laws or are facing any hardship in their relationship or their work place and are anticipating a situation of being accused in a false case related to a matrimonial dispute such as 498a, PWDVA, Maintenance cases, HMA cases, false rape or molestation charges, false sexual harassment at work place cases etc.

Although a huge number of people call the helpline number and take advise from the volunteers but coming to the weekly meetings, have a one-on-one discussion with the counselors, learn from others experiences, and networking with others in similar situation and the benefit of this is incomparable.

These meetings happen once a week, every Saturday, 4-6 PM near India Gate lawns. There are no registration charges, counseling fees etc and the idea of having a meeting at a public place is that everyone irrespective of coming from any socio-cultural, economical back ground can simply walk in and comfortably interact with people around and discuss their issues with the counselors.

One would find young men (who have been at the receiving end of law misuse), women (mostly mothers & sisters of men who have been implicated falsely), elderly parents (whose son’s are facing such issues) and the number touching close to 100 at these weekly meetings every week.

For some people, coming to the weekly meetings week after week has become a therapy, and a way of life as they make friends there, talk to people and socialize as well. These are informal meetings in a very healthy and light atmosphere and as far as fighting back your cases is concerned, there is no substitute to these.
Service providers, detective agencies, practicing lawyers, any kinds of touts, agents for sales and marketing are strictly not allowed in the weekly meetings.


Location Details

SIF-Delhi Weekly Support Group Meeting – Every Saturday

4:00 – 7:00 PM

Rajpath sitting part

Rajpath Road

Opposite to Amar jawan jyoti, India gate

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