Peaceful Protests

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Peaceful protests is a right given to each citizen in the Constitution of India to raise dissent on various policies and to bring attention of the governments and authorities on various issues which uphold constitutional rights and human values.

Men Welfare Trust on various occasions have organised (with due permissions)or has been part of peaceful protests to raise issues of the men and families who have been deprived of the basic human rights, have been at the receiving end of the misuse of gender-based laws & have been demanding a men’s commission  and a men welfare ministry.

These protests have been joined by activists from various other NGO’s and people at large from all parts of the country.

Satyagrah For men is one such series of protest that happens in Delhi at an all India level to raise the demands & has seen huge number of men and women joining from Punjab, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, karnataka and all other parts of India to raise their voice post which memorandum of demands are sent to the PMO & President of India.


Satyagrah for Men - Mar 2019

Satyagrah for Men - April 2017

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