Men Welfare Trust (MWT) is a Delhi based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), an integral part of Save Indian Family Movement (SIF) ( MWT was registered in Delhi in the Year 2017 with a clear focus on issues related to welfare of Men.

It was a need of the hour to have an organization with dedicated team of volunteers to work on issues such as victimization of men & their families due to heavy misuse of gender-based laws such as IPC 498A (Dowry Harassment Law); Dowry Prohibition (DP) Act; Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (DV Act); IPC 376 (Rape Law); IPC 354 (Sexual Harassment Law); CrPC 125 & Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (Maintenance Laws); The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act etc.,  rising incidents of male suicides due to domestic/ family problems, male disposability/ homelessness of men, domestic violence on men, mental health issues, low life expectancy of men, vocational training, rehab, DV shelter homes for men to name a few.

Ever since its existence, MWT has been diligently working on above mentioned issues with a team of dedicated volunteers who selflessly invest their time and skills towards this noble cause. MWT is a self-supported, self-funded, not-for-profit organization with an aim to strive towards gender equality in the true sense.

It was in Mar’ 2005 that some men joined hands and decided to fight back to the injustice they were facing because of the gross misuse of the gender-based laws and the violation of basic human rights of men in India. A Yahoo!! group called – SaveIndianFamily – was formed and in a short duration of few years, the group added over 10,000 members and spread its reach through state wise groups as well as groups of various other countries giving rise to  SIF.

SIF today is a conglomerate of over 50 NGOs including MWT across the globe not just in India but also in countries like USA, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia and others. Since inception, the conglomerate has been working for bringing peace, help & support to men and their families who suffer through immense turmoil of their lives under the influence of heavy misuse of various gender-based laws, working towards the rising male suicide in India.

With changing times, SIF has evolved and had to become more effective on its prime objective. SIF operates global helplines 24*7 through our volunteers who understand the pain of men and their families facing the biases against Men in the laws, the system and the society.

SIF ONE Helpline (8882 498 498) has been receiving thousands of calls each month from men across India as well as overseas, men who are battered, abused, depressed by the widespread male-hatred in the Society.

Today, SIF is looked up by over a million families across India and touch close to 100 thousand families each year. Every month various NGO’s under the umbrella of SIF conduct weekly support group meetings across India to counsel & help thousands of people. These meetings happen at over 25 locations in India and over 5 locations outside India.

SIF, as a flag bearer of Men, Family, Father, Parent and Child rights in the Indian subcontinent, has represented to many Government Authorities and Committees to protect the Human Rights of Men.

MWT along with our brother NGO, Save Family Foundation ( & other allied NGO’s, spearheads the goals and vision of SIF for making India a better place for Men.