Joginder vs State Nct Of Delhi & Anr. on 22 September 2010

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This Judgement is important to see a method on how the maintenance is granted to wife and child Para 3: “I consider that while passing the interim order for maintenance, the court has to keep in mind the means and earning of the husband and the law in respect of grant of maintenance to wife and child. Over the times, the courts have evolved a formula that if there are three dependents on the salary of husband, the husband would be entitled to half of the salary and the other two dependents would be entitled to remaining half. In the present case, when the salary of the husband was around Rs.6500/-, granting of interim maintenance of Rs.5,000/- for wife and child was unjust and improper. I, therefore, consider that the order of learned Metropolitan Magistrate and learned ASJ needs modification. The impugned order passed by learned MM and learned ASJ is modified to the extent that the interim maintenance payable to wife and child instead of Rs.5,000/- shall be half of the salary of husband which comes to around Rs.3400/- per month.”

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