Former Bhopal cop suspended for implicating people in fake rape cases, extorting money

Source: India Today: 27 Feb 2022.

The former in-charge of Ayodhya Nagar police station has been suspended for reportedly implicating false rape cases and extorting money from people in Bhopal.

False Rape Cases on Men

Three years ago, a complaint was filed against inspector Harish Yadav and three police constables for reportedly extorting money from people by intimidating them on false rape charges. The accused reportedly used to blackmail people to extract money from them with the help of a woman.

On Thursday, the former-in charge of Ayodhya Nagar police station was suspended for his alleged involvement in a honey trap case, reported the Free Press Journal (FPJ).

According to reports, in 2019, the Commissioner of police Makrand Deuoskar had told FPJ that a police complaint was filed against Yadav and three constables for extorting money from people by threatening to frame them in a false rape case.

An inquiry was then launched into the matter which revealed that the police inspector, constables and a woman were involved in a crime.

False rape cases:

The police investigation revealed that at least 10 fake rape cases were filed by the cops. Earlier, three police constables were sent to prison and were terminated from service. Yadav was transferred to Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, the report said.

Sex rackets to target people:

All the accused were reportedly involved in extracting money from people by intimidating them to file a false rape complaint against them. The report said that the woman reportedly laid sex racket for people and once they got trapped, they would ask the victim to give money.

If the person agreed to pay the amount, then he would be set free. But if he failed to do so, the police would raid the person’s place and arrest him. The woman would then accuse the arrested person of raping her.

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