Talk Point: Section 498-A: Most cases are filed to make monetary gains out of a failed relationship

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We are running an all-India helpline for men in distress (8882498498) to support those who have been at the receiving end. Some of these men are driven to the extent of giving up their life. A lot of them have lost faith in the judiciary and marriage alike, while the government is in denial.

Amit Lakhani is the President of the Men Welfare Trust

Full Article Link : The Print : Dated : 13 Nov : 2017

IPC 498A

Senior bureaucrat Aruna Sharma has lashed out at what she calls the “narrow approach in the name of women’s rights”. She believes this has led to a rampant misuse of law by women, asserting that such “activism” is resulting in men losing faith in the judiciary and the institution of marriage.

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