Marital Rape Debate : Swarup Vs 3 Women Activist : India Ahead News

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When you get married , you give consent and Will not only for Sexual Relationship- it’s also Husbands have to take care and accommodate wives Financial, House, Cloth, Food etc too.

Can Husband withdraw his consent & will what was given at the time of marriage to wife? Many cases Husbands also have to accept wives desire for sex without his will, under threat too? Does we term wives a #Rapist ? Then terming only Husband a #Rapist Unfair & Injustice.

It’s not only misuse of Law, its Husbands constitution Right of #Article21 & #Article14 which will be violated -if only exception 2 removed from #IPC375.

Marital Rape Debate

Full debate Link of : India Ahead News : Section 375 & Marital Rape: Debate Kickstarts On Whether Marital Rape Should Be Criminalized Or Not.

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