PRESS RELEASE – 1.18 Crore Men Missing in India over past 4Y – NFHS5

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1.18 Crore Men Missing in India over past 4 years: NFHS-5
NFHS i.e. National Family Health Survey is conducted by IIPS along with other groups designated by Ministry of
Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) and is funded by USAID, UNICEF. Till date, 5 such surveys have been done and
much of the reliance is placed by the Indian law makers on the NHFS data, when it comes to “assuming” about the
ground realities.
The latest survey, NFHS-5 was done over 2019-2021 and recently some key highlights were published. The key
findings are available on the NFHS website but we wish to draw the attention towards what was either ignored or
celebrated big time to cover up the biggest “GENDER-SCAM” of India.

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