SUBMISSION – Objection to Shakti Criminal Laws Act, Praying immediate withdrawl

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  • Post last modified:December 16, 2021

The Draft Bill is highly draconian, duplicate of existing provisions and also with intent to make the other Crime Justice more and more difficult for the citizens of Maharashtra State.

India is already suffering with the heavy attack of Gender Biased Laws and Feminist driven Misandry. Innocent Men are ending lives or are entangled in series of litigation, just because the acts, already in place were drafted in similar manner, just to appease feminists. We are sorry to say, but this process has costed many many lives in India. Today, we stand at blood filled number of over 95000 Suicides of Men every year (as per NCRB data). Every 4+ minutes, a man ends his life and Family reasons happen to be the biggest reason officially. Such a pressure on innocent men because of misuse of similar, easy to misuse, Gender Biased Laws, has costed India it’s reputation. Now, we are known as the Suicide Capital of the world.

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