LETTER – To Support Karnataka HC from Feminists on Bail in a IPC 376 Case

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  • Post last modified:February 16, 2022

We, the undersigned are taking this liberty of writing to your kind selves as concerned citizens and men of India, in regard to the decision of Hon’ble Justice Krishna S. Dixit, High Court of Karnataka in Crl. P No. 2427/2020 (Shri Rakesh B. vs State of Karnataka) dated 22/June/2020 & the aftermaths after that.

It is our humble submission that after the said judgment by the Hon’ble High Court, there are terrible volleys of attacks that we are witnessing in the media attempting direct effect on independence of this august pillar of democracy. It is indeed our serious concern when people with oblique motives, start using media and social media to raise questions on a judgment or even language of a judgment in attempt to gain cheap publicity.

In this instant judgment too, the court’s language, made specific to the parties involved of the case, are being questioned. We are seeing an increasing tendency of many women’s rights groups to the level of tutoring the Hon’ble Judiciary on how to write judgments. The same has been done while targeting the judgment delivered by Hon’ble Justice Krishna S. Dixit.

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