MEMORANDUM – MP Outreach – Scrap 498A

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  • Post last modified:December 16, 2021

As a final submission, we both are responsible NGOs, who are representing the sides of Men across various forums, Hon’ble courts, Government Committees. SFF on one hand has represented in-person, the plight of men, amongst various Government Committees, including the ones mentioned above. MWT, on the other hand has been working relentlessly on the Legal front while representing the side of Men in PILs (Public Interest Litigation) in Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

We hereby humbly request you to ask the Law Ministry of India to Scarp IPC 498A in toto while working out a new “GENDER NEUTRAL” law for Matrimonial Cruelty & Domestic Violence. It can be part of the ongoing IPC overhaul taken up by Home Ministry.

Requesting your prompt action to save India from being called “Suicide Capital of the World” in future too.

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