SUBMISSION – SFF Strong Objections to NCW proposed amendments in HMGA, 1956

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  • Post last modified:December 16, 2021

First and foremost, we need to look into the intent behind the recommendations. Can a body, which has no intention or duty towards the welfare of children of the country be allowed to recommend changes to the very act which safeguards the welfare of the children? The answer is a big NO.

We wish to bring to your notice, the mission of the National Commission for Women, as mentioned on their website. It reads, “To strive towards enabling women to achieve equality and equal participation in all spheres of life by securing her due rights and entitlements through suitable policy formulation, legislative measures, effective enforcement of laws, implementation of schemes/policies and devising strategies for solution of specific problems/situations arising out of discrimination and atrocities against women.” It is pertinent to note here that welfare of child or children does not figure out in the very mission of this constitutional body. By suggesting of any amendments to an act which deals with the welfare of the child, NCW has overshot it’s jurisdiction and expertise. Hence, it is our humble submission to reject any suggestions from a body, which inherently has a bias towards a particular gender and no interest towards welfare of child.

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