PRESS RELEASE – Two Wheels of the same Cart – CoVID19 & NCW

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  • Post last modified:December 13, 2021

Gender-Inequality, when world is in the grip of global pandemic – COVID-19, is being pushed by several feminist organizations tooth and nail. One such organization – National Commission for Women – in India, harbinger of women’s rights, sent out its press-release on twitter. If one goes through the release carefully, apart from general advisory for women portions of it are based on grapevine without any fact or based out of data especially mention of domestic violence against women in present times.

It is a clear attempt by NCW to push its convoluted agenda in such unprecedented times. One wonders if virus differentiates between men and women but surely feminists of NCW have found a way to differentiate. Press-release from NCW is not worthy of point-wise rebuttal but some facts must be brought out to ensure Gender-Inequality at best remains a topic of discussion in present times and when dust settles much nuanced debate can continue.

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