PRESS RELEASE – Petitioned by MRA, Hon’ble SC comes to Child Rescue

Many of fathers, across India, have fought vigorously to get visitation orders to meet their children, amidst matrimonial disputes, from the respective Family Courts or Trial Courts. In many cases, our NGOs have come across the ordeals of fathers, who even after winning, are at the losing end, as the custodial mothers are misusing the Corona Lockdown to create a Chinawall between Father and Child. Such Custodial Mothers have completely ignored the welfare of child and the rights of a child to meet their father. Since the existing visitation orders are not explicitly mentioning about the provision of Electronic Visitation (over Video Conferencing etc), many Custodial Litigating mothers are misusing this gap to their advantage. This has left many fathers helpless during these critical times and has created huge pressure on non-custodial fathers, about the health and safety of their children.

Seeing this huge issue for the very upbringing, rights of Children and respecting the intention of the courts, which granted visitation rights to father, a member of Men Welfare Trust (MWT) & Save Family Foundation (MWT), Dr. Tanuj Dhawan, took up the task of knocking the doors of justice at the highest level and filed an online Petition in the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

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