PRESS RELEASE – Misandry gets Penalized in Paris, will India Wake up?

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  • Post last modified:December 13, 2021

Paris City Hall fined over INR 80,00,000 for Discriminating Against Men, while India continues Unchecked, Open Discrimination Against Male Gender 

You would have heard and most would have even believed Hoax like “Feminism is about equality for women”, by fabricating stories about society, not being kind to women and women not getting their dues. If this Hoax is taken on face value one would assume goal of feminism is to establish “balance” in society. However, fact is that Feminism is/was never about women but is/was a deadly ploy to demonise Men. The idea of MERIT is long lost now, when it comes to gender, hence the result of women being given special privileges just for their gender. Genderization of Laws, Court Judgments, Criminal Procedure and Society in general has in fact caused havoc, and created a gender war in society, antithesis to what Constitution of India stands for. 

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