SUBMISSION – MWT to Amicus Curie w.r.t. Maintenance Guidelines

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  • Post last modified:December 16, 2021

In the era when Annual budgets have special budget only for women, when women have the liberty, leverage of Mahila Thana, Mahila Courts, Nirbhaya Centers, Protection Officers, Dowry Prohibition officers, Free education, Subsidized travel, Subsidized medical and various other provisions to make life and living inside and outside homes completely aligned, there is a dire need to relooking at the provision of maintenance.

A plain and simple research of real data with real numbers will tell how the image of India, as being a patriarchal country, is wrongly being pushed by those of vested interests.

There are biased surveys wrongly presented to paint a dreaded picture of India, which in reality is not true. If one goes into simple details of the surveys, which show grim picture about women in India, it is easy to note that either done on very small sample size or the drafting of the questionnaire is done to get a pre-determined result or that the survey itself is biased or if not, mostly are done on wrong interpretation of the data itself.

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